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Mr. Paul Benjamin

Founder & Managing Director


Building (y)our dream together!

The construction industry is the second largest industry in India after agriculture and accounts for about 11% of India’s GDP, we feel extremely proud that Rehoboth Infra plays an important role in the development of the nation.

As the construction industry in India is highly fragmented as Real Estate, Infrastructure & Industrial, We emphasize on Real Estate as our vision is to provide roof over every family in India through technology and at affordable cost. Our upcoming patented technology proves that we are very close to realize our vision.

We would like to thank to all our stakeholders, well-wishers and friends for their continued invincible commitment and support towards Rehoboth Infra. Without you, Rehoboth Infra would just remain a dream!!!

Rehoboth Group

Rehoboth Group has invested in different sectors -Textiles, Real Estate, Construction, Information Technology and Agriculture. Following companies are subsidiary of Rehoboth Group in India,

  • Rehoboth Engineering and Contractors Private Limited – A Construction and Real Estate company established to develop multi-story apartments under joint venture, and to develop state of the art Villas and other Infrastructure works in India
  • Rehoboth Textiles LLP – A Finished & Safety Garment Manufacturer in Tamilnadu having production capacity of 2.5Lakhs units per month with workforce of skilled people.
  • Rehoboth Agro Farms – This venture was started with an aim to implement and develop profitable Agro forestry in drought areas. As a pilot model, We cultivated many hybrid horticulture seeds of different varieties in 5acre farm land. Currently, We are harvesting more than 5 tons of coconut every year. In addition, we are harvesting other fruits like mango, guava, sapodilla. Inter-crops are cultivated as per season.

Rehoboth Infra – Overview

“Founded in 2016, Rehoboth Engineering and Contractors Private Limited have been developing many affordable housing projects and serving  leading companies with their construction requirements. Being one of the leading companies in south India, It focuses to provide value based services with high integrity and on-time delivery promises

From the beginning, strong core values had continuously been infused into the company, which upended the growth and is now functioning under the brand name Rehoboth Infra as an independent contractor.

We now provide total end to end construction service to our valued customers and delivering our promises on time with integrity.”


  • Achieved Average YoY Revenue growth of 35% from 2016 to 2021
  • Started as a work contracts company and vertically integrated to become a leading real estate development company.
  • Started with a Human Inventory of 4, is now grown into a handful of experienced and well trained 28 Project Engineers and Managers, expertise in different departments.

Our End to End Process Map

Define Requirements

Designing the project based on the customer’s specific needs.

Material Requirements

Listing all the Materials and Supplies to be used


Defining the workflow of the Project

Material Testing

Only Approved materials to be used in the project. In-house and Third-Party test teams are deputed in the testing process. 

During Construction

Internal and External Audits to ensure Quality Assurance


To innovate and implement new technologies in the conventional construction industry,

and ensure affordable homes for all

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