Why the Buy-to-let Concept is the Best Option for Property Investment

By |2020-09-25T07:34:03+05:30August 7th, 2020|Architecture, Buildings, Construction, Engineering|

Suresh Rangarajan - Founder and CEO CoLive and M.D. Artha PropertiesIf you’re out to buy a property as an investment, you need to shed any and all preconceived notions like you can sell off the property whenever you need and recover the entire value of the asset’s price. Liquidity is not among the top benefits

How Long Does It Take To Design and Deliver a Steel Building?

By |2020-09-25T07:32:17+05:30July 3rd, 2020|Architecture, Buildings, Construction, Engineering, News|

Depending on various factors, the length it takes to design and build a steel building can vary. Factors from redesigns to building complications and even some that may be out of human control can all impact the duration of the delivery. Below are a few common variables that can impact the timeline for constructing

Compact Homes: India’s New Urban Living Standard

By |2020-09-25T07:34:25+05:30December 6th, 2019|Architecture, Construction, Marketing|

Kishor Pate – Chairman & Managing Director, Amit Enterprises Housing LtdThe parameters that drive urban living in India have been changing constantly. People from other parts of the country have been migrating into thriving cities to avail of the better job prospects there. While real estate developers have been attempting to cater to the rising

Will Robots Automate Construction Workers?

By |2020-09-25T07:32:41+05:30March 3rd, 2019|Architecture, Buildings, Construction, Engineering|

“The robots are coming to take our construction jobs!” There’s been a lot of media coverage over the past couple of years about how workers in many industries, construction included, will soon be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence (AI). A recent study by the Midwest Economic Policy Institute (MEPI) estimates that by 2057

Startup Disruption in Indian Real Estate Through Technology-Driven Solutions

By |2020-09-25T07:33:24+05:30December 7th, 2016|Architecture, Buildings, Construction, News|

Nirupa Shankar - Executive Director at Brigade Enterprises Ltd and Brigade REAP The Real Estate sector in India is ripe for technological disruption as it is heavily dependent on unskilled labour for construction. The Construction industry spends less than 1% on technology, one of the lowest percentages across all industries. Construction labour productivity has

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